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Welcome, Kidderminster Dog Club compete at Dog Agility and Dog Flyball.
Is Your dog fit and Ball Crazy? Then Dog Flyball could be what your dog needs. Dog Flyball is fast and a great way to let your dog burn energy while collecting a ball. Any size or type of dog can do Flyball, all we ask is they are not aggressive and reasonably fit before you start. We train on a Thursday evening in Cookley, Kidderminster. The training is reward driven, with great importance placed on you and your dog improving your bond and having a great time.


 Medium Agility Champions 2012 

Kidderminster Dog Club also victorious in two major championships in 2011.
Division 21 Champions in the British Flyball Championships and Division 4 Champions in the Agility Voice National League.


Kidderminster Dog Club sponsored by Fish4Dogs
Crufts Medium Agility Champions 2010 & 2012
Congratulations to the dogs and handlers involved.




Contact for more information

Stuart Milton by email stuart@kidderminsterdogclub.comor by phone on 0753 0956533 (evenings or weekends only)